Oliver Servín

Custom styling the pay button with Laravel Cashier Paddle

When using Laravel Cashier Paddle, the styling provided for the pay button is not the prettier. Fortunately, Laravel Cashier provides a paddle-button blade component with the option to add custom styling.

Standard Paddle styling.

To disable the standard Paddle styling, you can add the data-theme="none" to the component:

<x-paddle-button :url="$payLink" data-theme="none">
    Buy Product
Styling disabled.

Then you can add some Tailwind CSS to give it a better look:

<x-paddle-button :url="$payLink" class="w-full bg-green-600 border border-transparent rounded-md py-3 px-8 flex items-center justify-center text-base font-medium text-white hover:bg-green-700 focus:outline-none focus:ring-2 focus:ring-offset-2 focus:ring-green-500" data-theme="none">
	Buy Product
Styling with Tailwind CSS.

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Custom styling the pay button with Laravel Cashier Paddle

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